"Hello everyone, I'm Petro Tyschtschenko. I was director of logistics for the whole European market at Commodore, responsible for the sales and delivery of Commodore VIC-20s and Commodore 64s and last president of Commodore Amiga International. Everyone will remember with affection and nostalgia the years that have seen us as protagonists in the gaming market. Many years have gone, and when Marco presented to me Gamingvisor project it seemed to relive the same enthusiasm of Commodore and Amiga years.
The project is very ambitious, as were those on which I worked. We love challenges and the premises are all there. Gamingvisor is a new, innovative product and the staff is extreme-prepared. We are doing a good job. We need your support to begin a new adventure..."

Petro Tyschtschenko

Gamingvisor (GV) creates an immersive virtual reality gaming experience. GV allows the player’s head movements to determine what the players sees in the game.

GV is compatible with all PC and console games
(ps3, ps4, xbox 360, xbox one).

Gamingvisor makes the gaming experience much more immersive and realistic. It is focused on creating a more real world environment: players and their characters will be one!

Players will be totally immersed in games with the advantage of not having to wait for development of 3D games.

Any Game, Any Console, One Device

Controllers will be interchangeable. This means you will only have just a Gamingvisor to play with any PC and Console.
Any Controller will be made compatible with Gamingvisor by our staff.


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  • Shipments

    We plan to ship to all countries. We use major courier companies and we will ship to anywhere that they deliver.

  • Customer Service

    For any request please email us at support@gamingvisor.com

Gamingvisor™ is a registered trademark